All You Need is This 5-Minute Workout to Completely Transform Your Arms

This article is for information only and doesn’t call for any action.

If you really want to build strong, defined muscles, using weights will give you an edge over bodyweight exercises. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym lifting heavy barbells (although that sure is fun!). Just grab a pair of dumbbells, and do this five-minute workout. We promise: your arms will be burning by the end!

5-Minute Dumbbell Arm Workout

Directions: You’ll need a light pair of dumbbells for this workout, so choose a weight depending on your strength (between two and 15 pounds is a good place to start). Perform each move ahead for 60 seconds without rest. For even more of an arm burn, repeat this workout a total of three times.

If you have shoulder issues or tightness, it’s always a good idea to warm up your upper body before going into a workout. Do some arm circles, a few Down Dog to Tuck-Toe Up Dogs, and some band pull aparts.

The Exercises:

Overhead shoulder press
Upright row
Wide bicep curl
Bent-over reverse fly
Triceps kickback

Details of how to do each move are ahead.

December 4, 2018 at 12:39AM


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